Christmas Market Break in Transylvania

transylvania christmas market tour
transylvania christmas market tour
transylvania christmas market tour 2016

transylvania christmas market tour 2016

How Transylvania has won the title of the best region to travel in 2016 by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide, we are inviting you to discover the Christmas Markets from Transylvania.

In the last decade this old tradition of Christmas Market has recovered. So, now we have a good Christmas Market in the Capital of Transylvania: Cluj-Napoca and also in Brasov. The little towns like Alba Iulia, Sighisoara, Bistrita, Turda or Aiud has there Christmas Markets too. But the biggest Christmas Market from Transylvania is at Sibiu, the former European Cultural Capital from 2007.

In the Christmas Markets from Transylvania you can enjoy of good shopping offers and also traditional and unique street shows. Here the mixture of the Occident and Orient is very well represented in the market products. You can find from cakes to souvenirs and to special clothes almost every think.

The biggest attraction of the Transylvania Christmas Market is the winter atmosphere, the carols, and the best prices of the goods.

The Transylvania Christmas Market Tour proposed by the Golden Krone Transylvania Travel team is a weekend break shopping route to the best Christmas Markets from the country: Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market, Alba Iulia Christmas Market, Sibiu Christmas Market, Brasov Christmas Market and Sighisoara Christmas Market.

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