Why a Rococo Festival in Romania?

Rococo Festival Romania
Rococo Festival Romania
Rococo Festival Romania

Rococo Festival Romania

The Rococo, the Late Baroque was a unique and intense period in the history of the Romanian people – the 18th century. For this Romania is the best place for a Rococo Festival, a glamorous baroque event.

The glamorous baroque, the rococo period in the regions that are forming today Romania was a mixture between tree different cultures: the western, the oriental and the ancient Romanian. Why?

Romania was in the XVIII century the border between two big Empires with diverse cultures: the Habsburg Empire (West) and Ottoman Empire (East). The clothes diversity is the best expression of the different cultures from Romania.

1. The northern part of Romania: Transylvania was under the Habsburgs domination, so the people from the towns were dressing like in the Western Europe (France, England, Italy, Spain and Germany).

2. The southern and eastern parts of Romania were under the Ottomans domination, so the people from the towns were dressing like in the Turkish – Oriental Empire (Balkans, Near East, Middle East).

3. The rural part of Romania conserved the ancient Dacia’s clothes with some ancient Roman influences.

That means the 18th century fashion from Romania is the best historical mixture of all the Europe.

If you were visiting in that time the center of Romania, Brasov for instance, you would be socked by the diversity of the clothes. In the same market you would see a rococo suit like in London, a Turkish suit like in Istanbul and the Romanian traditional suit like today. This means a concentration of luxury, elegancy, fine taste and diversity.

In conclusion, Romania was the place of the European rococo, the oriental rococo and the peasants rococo. For this, Romania is the best rococo destination for the entire world!

In April of 2018 in Romania will be organizing a unique European Rococo Festival: a cultural event of the European diversity of XVIII century. For the first edition of the Rococo Festival Romania 2018 the capital of Transylvania and his region will be the event destination: Cluj-Napoca, Gherla, Dej and Beclean. In these towns from Transylvania the rococo architecture is still alive with the power and intensity of those times.

The Rococo Festival Romania will be a time returning meeting to 18th century with all the persons dressed in the tree ways: western, oriental and Romanian rural costumes. The people will dance and will listen the tree types of the XVIII century music. The people will eat food made according to the 18th century recipes and drink sparkling wine and Turkish coffee like in the 18th century.

So, come to the Rococo Festival Romania 2018, the best baroque festival from Europe!



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