New Year’s Eve Traditions in Transylvania: the garlic amulet and the onion calendar

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort
Golden Krone Transylvania Resort
Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

All the European countries have their own traditions for the New Year’s Eve. The Transylvanian traditions for the New Year’s Eve are linked with the roman and dacian antic legacy. For this the New Year’s Eve Parties from Transylvania are so unique.

The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball is conserving all the tourist attractions of the Romanian Culture for the New Year’s Eve. For this, all the cultural ambassadors that are coming to this event at the Dracula Winter Castle in 31 of December 2015 will have a pleasant occasion to discover the best of these old traditions.

First of all, the guests of the Queen of Transylvania are receiving a garlic amulet at the entrance of the Dracula Winter Castle. The garlic in the Romanian culture has a special symbolism. The garlic is protecting the peasants against the evil dangers. For this, the house, the stables, the kennels, the doors and the windows are smeared with garlic for driving away the evil spirits from the humans and animals.

The use of the garlic at the Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball has also a defensive role against the possible vampires from the Dracula Winter Castle.

Once the guests of the Transylvanian party are protected from the evil, in the Dracula Winter Castle will take place the onion meteorological calendar representation.

For the old Romanian peasant mentality the New Year’s Eve is the door between two years: the old one, that is passing and the new one that is coming. For this, the first question is: how will be the weather next year in my village?

The answer is the onion meteorological calendar. All the queens’ guests at the New Year Party will receive a calendar placed on a little table. Each one will receive an onion and will have to peel it. After it, to find how much will rain in their area in the next year, the guests will put a slice of onion on each month of the calendar. In the 12 slices of the calendars months the guest will spread salt: if the salt is melting and in the onion slice is water it means that next year in that month will rain a lot and if the salt is not melting it means that the month will be a droughty one.

So, in Transylvania at the Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball you can find the next year weather from your town and also the protection from the evil forces with the garlic amulet. Come and see it, come and enjoy it!


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