The first Vauxhall Limousine from Transylvania is waiting for you!

Private Tour Transylvania
Private Tour Transylvania

The Golden Krone Transylvania travel team is presenting you the first Vauxhall Limousine from Transylvania. Starting by now all our guests will be escorted with this British limousine.

In order for you to have a pleasant travel in Transylvania we are going to wait you with the limousine in the airport. After it we shall take you in our all inclusive tour packages from Transylvania.

Thanks to the John R. Tollitt Funeral Service from Urmston,  Manchester, UK we have a very good limousine for our customers. It can enter 7 persons in very good travel conditions. The seats are comfortable with a big legroom. The trunk (boot) is satisfactory for all passenger’s luggage.

The explanations, the tales and the legends that will be told to you by our travel guide will make the difference.

Choose your private trip to Transylvania from our guided travel packages and enjoy an extravagant experience!

prof. Florin I. Bojor

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