Transylvania Winter Holiday with Limousine VIDEO

Travel Guide Transylvania Limousine
Travel Guide Transylvania Limousine
Travel Guide Transylvania Limousine

Travel Guide Transylvania Limousine

This winter 2017 the Golden Krone Transylvania is continuing the 10 weekend breaks in Transylvania opened all of the year:

1. Christian Diversity Tour in Transylvania (Offer F)

2. Classic Tour of Transylvania (Offer A)

3. Fortified Churches of Transylvania UNESCO Tour (Offer B)

4. Painted Churches of Bukovina UNESCO Tour (Offer H)

5. Wooden Churches of Maramures UNESCO Tour (Offer E)

6. Carpathian Garden Tour (Offer G)

7. Underground Transylvania Cave Tour (Offer I)

8. Cultural Historic Tour of Transylvania (Offer D)

9. Dracula Tour (Offer J)

10. Thermal Baths Tour of Transylvania (Offer C)

At this 10 best tours of Transylvania in this winter our guest will have 2 special all inclusive winter holiday packages: 1. the Transylvania Winter Break with the special festival of Vatra Dornei: Dorna WinterFest; and 2. the Moldavia Wine Tour with the special festival of Cricova Wine Cellars in Republic of Moldova: Underland Wine and Music Fest Cricova 2017.

How our guests know very well all our holiday packages are all inclusive guided tours with limousine. All the cost is included in the price except the flights until an airport of Romania. If you are coming this winter break in Transylvania or Moldavia you will taste the best winter wine and sparkling wine celebrations from Europe!

The Transylvania Limousine is waiting you…

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