What you need to know before visiting Transylvania?

National Theater Cluj-Napoca
National Theater Cluj-Napoca
Transylvania attractions

Transylvania attractions

Where is Transylvania?

Transylvania is the most famous region from Romania, Europe. In the entire world most people know more things about Transylvania instead of Romania. This celebrity of the country is thanks to the legendary vampire: Count Dracula of Transylvania.

It is safe to go to Transylvania?

Transylvania is a part of Romania, a country from the European Union. Until now in Romania it never was a terrorist attack. Transylvania is considered one of the safety places from Europe. In case of emergency are the same rules and measures like in all the E.U. Beware of vampires…

Bram Stoker Dracula Transylvania

Bram Stoker Dracula Transylvania

Who travels often to Transylvania?

Transylvania is now a big European tourist destination. The Lonely Planet travel page recommends Transylvania on the first place best in travel in 2016. From imaginary travelers, like Jonathan Harker from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker to real travelers, like HRH Prince Charles of Wales Transylvania is a worlds’ top destination.

How to get to Transylvania?

You can arrive to Transylvania by car, bus, train or airplane.

For a weekend break in Transylvania is best to come by airplane. You have flights to Cluj-Napoca Airport with arrival Friday and departure Monday  from: Luton, Liverpool, Doncaster/Sheffield, Wien, Charleroi, Dortmund, Memmingen, Munchen, Bologna, Roma Ciampino, Bergamo.

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