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Transylvania Travel
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Safety Winter Holiday in Transylvania


Those days for the Romanian people were a tragic time. After the fire from the “Colectiv Club” from Bucharest our tourists are asking themselves: “Is safety to travel to Transylvania?”; “Is safety a winter holiday in Romania?”; “Should I go for a winter break in Transylvania after the death of almost 50 persons in a fire in a club?”

The Golden Krone Transylvania Team Travel thinks that Romania and Transylvania are safety destinations. Is true that our country has a lot to do for the wealth of the people, but in terms of security of tourists is at the same level like the western countries.

Is our New Year 2016 travel package to Transylvania a safety one?

Reasons for a safety winter holiday in Transylvania?

1. The Golden Krone Travel Team will wait our guests in one of the Transylvanian Airports – Cluj-Napoca or Targu-Mures. These airports have been rehabilitated in the last years and are safety airports.

2. Safety journey from the airport to Bistrita with a normal car and a modern road between the airports and Bistrita town.

Transylvanian Hospitality Golden Krone

Transylvanian Hospitality

3. All the Hotels, Hostels and Guest Houses from Bistrita are modern and are respecting the European security measures. We shall pick for you the best guest house from Bistritz and this accommodation will become in your ride the Queen of Transylvania Guest House.

4. How our winter travel package is a guided tour in Transylvania the food and the drinks that our guests shall eat and drink will be tasted also by us. In this way our guests will have the best Transylvanian gastronomic and alimentary products.

5. The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball from the New Year’s Eve will be a safety event. The place of the New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 party will be the Dracula Winter Castle from Arcalia.

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

Golden Krone Transylvania Travel Team

This Transylvanian Castle is different from the others castles and palaces from Transylvania: is the singular castle built in the Byzantine style. It is full of windows, 2 entrances at least for each room, just one floor and exits with stairs all over it. For this in case of an emergency is very easy to get out of it.

6. The SPA from Bistrita is build and managed according with the European lows.

7. How the Golden Krone Travel Team offers to its guests guided tours in Romania your winter trip in Cluj-Napoca and Targu-Mures will be a safety one. We shall take care of you to not have accidents, incidents and any security problems.

Pick our winter travel package and you shall see it!

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