Kings on Ice Transylvania Tour

kings onice transylvania tour
kings onice transylvania tour
kings onice transylvania tour

kings onice transylvania tour

The greatest ice skaters of the world are coming to the biggest Ice Skating Show from Transylvania!

In 9th of December 2016 the capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca will become the world capital of the ice skating. Here will be a great ice skating show with: Evgeni Plushenko, Adelina Sotnikova, Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Tomas Verner, Edvin Marton and the Wien Strauss Orchestra.

For Friday, 9th of December 2016 all the Golden Krone Transylvania travel Weekend Breaks (10 different tours) will incorporate this show in the travel program and route. So, if you want to discover the best of Transylvania and you want to participate to this ice skating show, choose one of our tours for Saturday and Sunday, and Friday you will enjoy of this unique skating show.

The price of the all inclusive Transylvania guided tour will be the same: 350 euros per person including the Kings on Ice Show at the category III. If you want another place at another category will have to pay an extra charge.

Discover the Kings on Ice in top 10 best tours of Transylvania!

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