The best winter holiday in Transylvania

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort
Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball
Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

If you want to come in the winter holiday in Transylvania the question is: How to have the best winter vacation?

First of all you have to look on internet for the best tourist attractions to visit in Transylvania in time of the winter. Secondly, you have to choose the best offer to travel to Transylvania (plain, car, bus). Thirdly, you have to decide between a self travel and a guided tour. If you want to visit Transylvania just by your self you have to look for bookings, means of transport, travel connections, accommodations, information of the travel destinations and organization of the activities.

How Transylvania at this moment is not a commercial destination in the European Community a travel just by your self will have not the same comfort like a guided travel. Also we have to say that a guided travel take a lot from the adventure spirit of a ride in Transylvania. For this reason, the best way for a journey to Transylvania is according with your pleasure.

If you want a guided tour for your winter holiday in Transylvania we want to give you some advices:

  1. Look for a guide team which has an encyclopedic culture, which has the capacity of different areas of knowledge. Why? Transylvania has big problems with the roads and you shall spend a lot of time in traffic between the tourist destinations. If you will have an intellectual guide team for your drive, your trip will be a pleasant one and not a boring one.
  2. Look for a reasonable price and normal quality for accommodation. The internet is full of offers of guided excursions in Transylvania and you have to judge which one is the best for you. The Golden Krone Transylvania Guided Team considers you not a client, considers you a guest. For this reason, our commitment is to find an accessible price and home conditions for our guests. For us is more important the unique atmosphere of your journey than the luxury of a room or a salon.
  3. Look for snow in your winter holiday in Transylvania. The climatic changes affect also Transylvania. In the last years in some towns from Transylvania it never snow in the entire winter.
  4. Look for Transylvanian parties in your winter holiday. The Christmas and the New Year’s Eve is a festival period of Transylvania. Your winter holiday must have the “Revelion Party” – the New Year’s Eve Party. The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball from the Dracula Winter Castle from Arcalia, Bistrita is a good cultural party.
  5. The last advice for your winter holiday in Transylvania is to try to logout from your problems and job. In this way your winter holiday in Transylvania is a real break in your life!

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