Transfer: Cluj Airport – Hotel – Electric Castle

Limousine Transylvania
Limousine Transylvania
Limousine Transylvania

Limousine Transylvania

Soon the Electric Castle Festival from Transylvania, Romania will open his gates and more than 150.000 people will enjoy the music they love!

Some of our friend told us that they will arrive with the plane in Cluj Airport and first they want to go to hotel (Cluj-Napoca accommodation) and just then they want to enter to Electric Castle Festival from Bontida.

For this reason, we are going to wait them in the airport and take them first with our private limousine to their hotel or guesthouse in Cluj-Napoca town. After it, we will transfer them to Electric Festival from Banffy Castle, Transylvania.

So friends, please make a reservation for transfer with limousine from Cluj Airport to Cluj-Napoca Hotels and then to Electric Castle Festival Transfers on the e-mail:

Price: 30 Euros per PERSON

People: 5 – 7 people in a transfer

Enjoy your holiday at Electric Castle Festival with limousine transfer from Cluj airport to Cluj Hotels and to your top musical festival!

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