The Mineral Water Train Wagon from Sangeorz Bai

Water Mineral Train Wagon
Water Mineral Train Wagon
Water Mineral Train Wagon

Water Mineral Train Wagon

The Rodna Montains from the Carpathian garden are full of interesting things to taste and see> nature reserve, lakes, forests, mines and minerals waters.

The minerals waters from Sangeorz Bai (Saint George area), Transylvania are unique in all Romania for there helth use, singular taste and large sortiments.

Are 10 diffrent mineral water composition at just 100 meters betwen the fonts.

The Golden Krone Transylvania Resort is offering you an extraordinary experiance by liveing in your jorney throw Transylvania in an old train wagon on the Romanian National Railways (CFR). The transylvanian wagon will be situated in the train station from Sangeorz Bai at just 200 meters from the mineral waters fonts.

This wagon will have 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a chichen and an restaurant. All will be arranged to give to our guests an similar experience like living in the famous Orient Express.

Looking forward to see you here!

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