How is it to sleep in a bordei in Romania? VIDEO

Bordei in Romania
Bordei in Romania
Bordei in Romania

Bordei in Romania

From the Cucuteni culture (4500 BC), to middle ages and up to XIX century the famous Carpathian house was called “bordei”. What is a bordei or burdei?

A bordei is a half-dugout shelter made by wood and clay. In general is a home half underground and covered with soil where the vegetation is growing up. In the middle ages this types of houses are having more rooms, fire-rooms, cellars and living room.

A bordei is a sustainable house that is reducing the overall environmental impact, in winter is easy to heat and in summer is refreshing. The problem with this house is the flood. That’s why the bordei were builded on hills and in clay, argil like soil, also for a good air breath.

Now just in the Romanian Traditional Museums the tourist can see this home.

In this video you can see how is a bordei construction with one room that soon it will be finished.

In our travel offers the Golden Krone Transylvania team want’s to give the opportunity to the guests to sleep in such a unique and different accommodation.

The Romanian traditional music composer, Anton Pann (XIX century) let us the best love story drama in a bordei…

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