Discover Transylvania with prof. Florin I. Bojor from Bistrita VIDEO

Guided tour in Transylvania
Guided tour in Transylvania

Discover Transylvania with prof. Florin I. Bojor from Bistrita!

I am professor Florin Bojor from Bistrita and I’m inviting you to visit Transylvania!

Our first guest in the XIX century was Jonathan Harker from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Our travel team, Golden Krone have advise him, have implore him not to go to the Count Dracula Castle in the Carpathian Mountains in the Borgo Pass. But he didn’t listen us!

Thanks’ God that the Count Dracula was released from his own curse by the love of Mina. Now Transylvania is safe!

Come and discover our guided private tours of Transylvania on our web page: GoldenKroneTransylvania.RO.

We shall take you all over the country with our British limousine. You will explore the culture, the art, the religion and the nature of Transylvania in our tours. Our trips are all inclusive packages and we shall offer you the best products of Transylvania.

Come and get in love with Transylvania like Jonathan Harker did!


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