10 reasons for a winter holiday in Transylvania

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Where is Transylvania?

Day by day Transylvania is becoming a tourist destination. For a person who wants to travel to Transylvania the first question is: when is better to visit Transylvania? The answer depends just of the tourist, because Transylvania offers his wonders all over the year.

If you want to come to Transylvania in the winter holiday this are the top 10 reasons to travel here.

goat dance transylvania

1. Christmas and New Year’s Eve Traditions from Transylvania. For the Romanians the winter holidays are the best period of the year, with the most interesting and attractive traditions. In fact we do not speak just about some holidays; we speak of a period between the Christmas, New Year until the Epiphany. This period is full of religious celebrations, old customs and parties. The children tradition of visiting all the houses and singing carols for Christmas is still alive. For the New Year’s Eve Transylvania have unique traditions: the little plough, the goat dance, the garlic amulet, the onion calendar, the heralds of the star, the grape wreath and the <Sorcova> incantation.

Dracula by Augustin Ghebaru

2. Three Dracula Castles in Transylvania to visit. Bram Stoker novel made the biggest brand of Transylvania – Dracula. Everybody knows something about the Prince Vlad the Impaler and about the vampire legends.

In Transylvania are 3 Dracula Castles: the Bran Castle from Brasov County, the Communist Dracula Castle from Borgo Pass and the Dracula winter Castle from Arcalia, Bistrita. In the winter is magic to see them. How each one has his particularity the snow makes them to look mysterious, like in a romance movie.

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3. Beautiful mountains covered with snow in Transylvania. The Carpathian Mountains are all around the country and give to the tourist the impression that the snow is following you all over the time. Transylvania is the land after, over, across the forest, the land beyond the forest. In times of the winter the forest is becoming a huge dancing snow body. The entire atmosphere is similar to a tale from the childhood.

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

4. Food and drinks in Transylvania. If you want to make a voyage to Romania, the best is the Transylvanian food because is a mixture between the Romanian, Hungarian and Saxon cuisine. Also, you have to look for biological products. Romania still has ecological vegetables and animals fed just with organic cereals. For this your travel to Transylvania is a foray into the bio food. Usually in the winter holiday the Romanians are eaten pork meet.

Transylvania has a big diversity of alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, sparkling wine, distilled beverage, spirit and liquors) and non alcoholic drinks (juices, mineral waters, normal waters).

Transylvanian Hospitality Golden Krone

5. Parties in Transylvania. The New Year vacation in Transylvania is a real festival, full of parties, feasts and festivities. The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball from the New Year’s Eve is one of these conviviality events.

6. SPA travel in Transylvania. Step by step Romania is becoming a balneary destination; here you find resorts for all type of body treatments. In Transylvania you have thermal waters (Geoagiu Bai, Tasnad, Boghis, Tusnad, etc.), spring waters and mineral waters (Sangeorz Bai, Baita, Baile Sarate, Cojocna, Jigodin, Homorod, Balvanyos, Biborteni, Bodoc, Borsec, Bazna, Colibita, Covasna, Lipova, Ocna Mures, Ocna Sibiului, Praid, Sangeorgiu de Mures, Sovata, Straja, Baile Figa). In the winter you can swim outside in hot thermal waters and see near you snow and ice.

travel to transylvania

7. Interesting towns and UNESCO patrimony in Transylvania. Your trip to Transylvania in the winter holiday must get to the important Transylvanian towns (Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov, Targu Mures) and also to the important world heritage sites: Sighisoara, Dacian fortresses of the Orastie Mountains and the villages with fortified Churches.

8. Good prices for Transylvanian tours. The prices from Transylvania are reasonable prices accessible to all the social categories. The winter holiday is an excellent period of time to travel here and for this is good to find the best offers. Golden Krone Travel Team is looking for our friends for the best prices and the finest quality.

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

9. Winter sports and adrenaline passage in Transylvania. The Carpathian Mountains are good for winter sports. You have sky resorts in Transylvania at Borgo Pass, Valea Blaznei, Toplita, Borsec, Izvorul Muresului, Madars, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Balea Lac, Paltinis, Baisoara, etc.

10. The Hospitality from Transylvania is at a fine level. If you want to make a winter ride to Transylvania look also for the quality in treating the tourists and not just at the prices. The best tour is a guided travel in Transylvania. Our recommendation is to find a guide that can make interesting discussion with you on all the areas of human like. In this way the time that you are spending in the ride from a destination to another one is not boring.

All this 10 reasons are inviting you to try a winter holiday in Transylvania. Come and enjoy of the New Year Special Events from Transylvania!

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