New Year’s Break in Transylvania

New Year's Eve Party 2015 / 2016
New Year's Eve Party 2015 / 2016

If you are looking for a unique experience for the New Year 2016 Transylvania is a good choice.

Why? 7 Reasons to come!

Arcalia Real Dracula Castle?

First of all, Transylvania is the land of Dracula. The famous vampire myth and legend invented by Bram Stoker in his book Dracula has his base, manifestation and expression in the Romanian country – Transylvania. For this, we chose to invite you for the New Year’s Eve party at the Dracula Winter Castle from Transylvania (Arcalia, Bistrita). In the first day of 2016 our guests will make a trip to the Communist Dracula Castle from the Borgo Pass, Bistrita-Nasaud County.

little plough transylvania

Secondly, Transylvania is a land of culture. Here the old customs and traditions are still alive. Our guests will know at the New Year’s Eve Party the Transylvanian traditions for this event: the garlic amulet, the onion calendar, the little plough, the goat dance, the grape wreath, the heralds of the star and the <Sorcova> incantation.

Queen of Transylvania coat of arms

Thirdly, Transylvania is a land of surprises. At the New Year’s Eve Party from the Dracula Winter Castle the guests will come to a unique meeting: the Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball. Like in My Fair Lady Film (1964) our guests are in fact the guests of the Queen of Transylvania: each guest will receive the title of Cultural Ambassador of Transylvania for his native country. In the same time this Transylvanian party is a black tie event and an old time ball.

Transylvania Food and Drink

Fourthly, Transylvania is a land of gastronomic diversity. Here the biological food and drinks have their home country. At the Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball the guests will taste the special food: monfel, pasca, colac, different meat products and ecological vegetables. The wines, the sparkling wines and the juices are from the Transylvanians vineyards and gardens.

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

Fifthly, Transylvania is a land of mineral waters and beautiful forests. Our guests will taste the Saint George mineral waters from Sangeorz-Bai and bath and relaxing in one of the Bistrita SPA Wellness Centers. Our guests will enjoy of the deontological park of the Dracula Winter Castle and of the Carpathian Mountains.

Saint Michael Cathedral Cluj-Napoca

Sixthly, the hospitality of the people of Transylvania is well known. We shall wait our guests in the Cluj-Napoca Airport or Targu Mures Airport. From there we shall pick them with the cars and offered them a foray into the best of Transylvania.

Seventhly, Transylvania has European towns like Cluj-Napoca (the capital, the hearth of Transylvania) or Targu Mures (the Transylvanian multicultural town). Our guests will have a guided tour of one of these cities.

For this, probably the best New Year’s Break from Europe can be in Transylvania! Come and try it with the Golden Krone Transylvania Travel Team:

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