The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball in Moldavia and Bukovina

New Year's Eve Party 2017 Transylvania
New Year's Eve Party 2017 Transylvania
New Year's Eve Party 2016-2017

New Year’s Eve Party 2016-2017

The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball in Moldavia and Bukovina

New Year’s Eve Party 2016 / 2017

At the Sturdza Castle from Moldavia, Romania

ALL Inclusive Tour: (Guide, Limousine, Food, Drinks, Accommodation, Tickets, Entertainment)

350 Euro per person. (flights excluded)

The Queen of Transylvania is inviting all the friends to the 2016 Embassy Ball. This time the ball will be in Moldavia at the Sturdza Castle from Miclauseni.

Moldavia & Bukovina Tour:  Iasi – Miclauseni Castle – M. Voronet – M. Humor – Gura Humorului – Sturdza Miclauseni Castle – Iasi  (Special Offer K)

Friday, 30th December 2016 – Arrival at Iasi Airport – capital of Moldavia, Romania;

–   Visit Iasi by day and night with Limousine (cathedrals, palaces, old center);

–   Dinner at the Sturdza Castle from Miclauseni (sleep in Castle Guesthouse).

Saturday, 31st December 2016 – Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Painted Churches of Bukovina: Monastery of Voronet and Monastery of Humor; Lunch at Gura Humorului;

–   17:00 tea & wine break at the Sturdza Castle from Miclauseni and preparation for the Ball;  

Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball at the Moldavian Castle – New Year’s Eve Party 2017 (ball, Moldavian food recipes, Romanian traditions & show,  ambassadors celebration, etc.).

Sunday, 1st January 2017 – Sunday Service at Miclauseni Monastery (optional) and special Lunch;

–  Visit Roman cathedral and recovering SPA & Wellness afternoon in Roman;

–  18:00 Classic Concert by Colosseum Quartet and dinner at Sturdza Castel from Miclauseni.

Monday, 2nd January 2017 – departure from Iasi Airport.

Flights to Iasi Airport with arrival Friday – 30th December 2016 and departure Monday – 2nd January 2017 from: London (Luton), Wien, Paris (BVA), Bergamo, Munchen, Bucharest.

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Registrations on:  and  0040.749.70.52.43

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