Winter break in Transylvania

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort
Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

Dracula dinner Castle Arcalia

After a hard year with work, stress and agglomeration you need a winter break in Transylvania. Transylvania is a unique experience in times of the winter!

The winter travel package offered by the Golden Krone Transylvania Team wants to collect the best of Transylvania in just 3 days. We want to give to our guests a winter break unforgettable. How? By summing the best tourist attractions:

1. The pleasure of visiting in winter two interesting Transylvanian towns: Cluj-Napoca the capital, the heart of Transylvania and Targu-Mures – the town of two nations: Rumanians and Hungarians.

Golden Krone Transylvania Resort

2. The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains covered with snow and ice at the Borgo Pass. The forests from Transylvania in times of winter are magic’s. The trees are dancing into the snow and the colors of the sky are a mixture of blue and white.

3. The cuisine attraction: the best Transylvanian food and drinks. Our winter break in Transylvania is also a gastronomic festival: different meat products, organic vegetables and special drinks.

4. The enjoyment of the Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball at the Dracula Winter Castle from Arcalia, Bistrita. This International party will be a real dancing ball, a cultural meeting and an event full of surprises.

The Queen of Transylvania Embassy Ball

5. The refreshment of a Transylvanian SPA. After the New Year’s Eve party our guests will need to recover their energy in a wellness resort from Bistrita. Here they will taste the Saint George mineral water from Sangeorz-Bai, the best therapeutic water from Romania.

All this 5 tourist attractions from Golden Krone Transylvania winter travel package will make your winter holiday an incredible one. Come and let your comfort in our hands!

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