Sibiu Christmas Market 2016 VIDEO

Sibiu Church
Sibiu Church
transylvania christmas market tour 2016

transylvania christmas market tour 2016

The most important Christmas Market from Transylvania is at Sibiu. Sibiu is situated in the south of Transylvania and is an important cultural and tourist Transylvanian town from Romania. Sibiu heritage is a mixture of Saxon and Romanian culture and this central issue of the town is reflected in their Christmas Market.

The tradition of the Sibiu Christmas Market was recovered 10 years ago and year by year the trade became bigger and bigger. Also the sophistication of the market has increased. For instance, in 2016 at the Sibiu Christmas Market will be 80 traders from 20 different countries and cultures. So, in this international Christmas meeting from Sibiu is impossible to not find the perfect gift for your family and loved persons.

Also the shows from the Sibiu Christmas Market have a bigger diversification: from children’s street events and attractions to classic street concerts.

The Sibiu Christmas Market 2015 is between 18th of November 2016 to 3rd of January 2017.

The Golden Krone Transylvania Travel team is offering you the unique Christmas Shopping Tour in all the Transylvanian towns with Christmas Market. Here you find more details of the Transylvania Christmas Market Tour 2016: 

UPDATE 18th of November 2016 – Opening ceremony of the Sibiu Christmas Market 2016

The Sibiu Christmas Market 2016 has opened its gates for all the tourists and local people! Last evening more than  10.000 people have assisted to the opening ceremony of the most important Transylvanian Christmas Market. The Big Square of Sibiu has changed into a reality show place with lights, lasers and Christmas Shops. Are are looking forward for guests form all the Europe.

In this 2 videos you shall see a little bit of the opening evening of the Sibiu Christmas Market 2016:

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