Salt County (Sarata – Saratel) from Transylvania

The Mud and Salt SPA Base from Sărăţel – Sărata (salted)

The Mud and Salt SPA Base from Sărăţel – Sărata (salted)

The Salt County Sărata – Sărăţel from Transylvania is a region in the south-east of Bistritz, at just 15 km from the Dracula town, with a unique characteristic: the salt in water, in mud, in rocks…

This area is around the Saratel Salt Mountain Natural Reserve and the Sarata confluence of the Bistrita, Sieu and Budac rivers.

The region is full of history, art, legend and therapeutic salted mud. For this reason, in the bottom of the county we want to situate the Salty Mud SPA Base of Golden Krone Transylvania Resort Project.

The Saratel Salt Mountain Natural Reserve

Where is Transylvania?

This area is an ancient humanity site with archaeological discoveries from the Eneolithic, Neolithic, Latène, Hallstatt, Bronze Age, Roman Age and the Medieval Age. All this historical revelation has the same common point: the salt and the water easy to get.

Come and visit with us this area from Transylvania and enjoy of salted mud, salted waters, freshwater, sun, river beach. All this is into a natural park of wildlife.

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