Dracula – Transylvania Weekend Breaks

Dracula Weekend Break
Dracula Weekend Break

All inclusive Weekend Breaks in Transylvania.

The weekend tour includes:

  1. Guided weekend break tour;
  2. Travel with limousine, carriage, boat, mountain car in Transylvania;
  3. Live and sleep in Saxon room, Communist room and Traditional Romanian room;
  4. Relax in Villa Salis SPA;
  5. Taste the original Transylvanian foods and drinks at Golden Krone Restaurant from Bistritz;
  6. Discover the Romanesque, gothic, byzantine, baroque and wood Transylvanian architecture.
  7. Explore the Transylvanian beautiful nature (field, hills, mountains, forests and lakes).
  8. Know the Transylvanian multicultural diversity: Cluj-Napoca (the Capital of Transylvania) or Targu-Mures (multiethnic town), Bistrita (old Saxon town), Dej (old Hungarian town), Gherla (old Armenian town), Nasaud (old Romanian town).
  9. Find the mysterious Borgo Pass (Bram Stoker Dracula inspiration) from the Carpathian Garden.

All this, in just a weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), all included! Transylvanian best offer tour!

Dracula Weekend Break

Dracula Weekend Breaks



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