Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market 2016 VIDEO

Travel Guide Transylvania
Travel Guide Transylvania
Travel Guide Transylvania

Travel Guide Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca is the capital of Transylvania. The top destination of Transylvania, and from here are starting the tours provided by Golden Krone Transylvania Travel. Cluj is a romantic town, for this all the tours, weekend city breaks will start with a classic concert of music or opera.

Cluj has a great protector – Saint George. This Transylvanian town is full of art, culture, history, sports and entertainment.

Transylvania Christmas Market Tour by Golden Krone Transylvania Travel.

prof. Florin I. Bojor: „Come to Transylvania and discover the unique and the singular Christmas Market Tour of the country! This weekend shopping tour is provided by Golden Krone Transylvania Travel team. Now we are in Cluj and soon the Christmas Market Tour will start. From here we shall go to Turda, to Aiud, to Alba Iulia, to Sibiu (the most important Christmas Market of the country), to Brasov and to Sighisoara. You shall get in love with it and I hope you shall find the best present for the beautiful Christmas o this year!”

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