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Visit Brasov

Visit Brasov

Brasov is a popular tourist destination from Romania. His central location in the heart of Romania, his Saxon and Romanian heritage, his Carpathian Mountains overlook and his proximity to Bucharest made of Brasov a well known travel destination.

The local authorities are investing in the rehabilitation and conservation of the Old Saxon and Romanian houses. For this, Brasov is giving you a good impression of his historic legacy.

If you are going to travel to Brasov first of all you have to know that it is a medieval destination. The Black Church, the mayor’s former office building, the St. Nicholas Church, the First Romanian School, the Catherine’s Gate and the Brasov Citadel Fortress are buildings loaded with history, legends and exciting stories.

Brasov Travel

Brasov Travel

The town has also a big communist heritage. Between the 1950 and the 1960 the official name of the town was Stalin in honor of the Russian communist lieder: Iosif Vissarionovici Stalin.

But in the same time the Romanians Communists made from Brasov one of the independence towns from the Russian domination. First of all, in their industrialization project, in the fifties they make here the Romanian tractor factory.

Secondly, they have diversified the industry: the ball bearing factory, the hydro-mechanics and hydraulics engines factories and other industrial factories. For this, the communists have built a lot of apartments and made from Brasov a Working-Class City.

The legend says that Nicolae Ceausescu wants to change the capital of Romania from Bucharest to Brasov.

travel to transylvania

Travel to Transylvania

After the Romanian Revolution from 1989 all this industry broke down and the factory buildings were transformed into supermarkets and malls. The communism is death, long live the consumer capitalism!

Now Brasov wants to revival his tourist image and to become one of the Romanian best destinations.

Also the Brasov region is a pleasant heritage area. Near the Brasov town is the Bran Castle, the Râșnov Fortress and the Prejmer Fortress. All this are well preserved and attract a lot of tourists.

So, come to Transylvania and enjoy of Brasov town and area!

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